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We have one of the most comprehensive range of dimmers available in the UK. We have a huge variety of colours, styles and finishes to choose from, all available in one to four gang dimmers. 

Most of our dimmer plates are made of metal with a variety of finishes. From brushed steel and polished chrome to more traditional finishes, like polished brass and satin brass. 

Our dimmers are LED compatible, as long as you use them with dimmable LED lamps and bulbs. They are two way dimmers, suitable for use as one way or two way dimming. 

Dimmers are a great alternative to a standard light switch, especially if you want more control over how much light you have on. Perfect to adjust as the evenings draw in. 

Brushed Steel Dimmers

One of our most popular finishes, we have a number of different ranges and styles available in our brushed steel dimmers. All available in one to four gang two way dimmers. All LED compatible, but also suitable for halogen and incandescent lamps and bulbs. 

Polished Brass Dimmers

Our range of polished brass dimmers are among the favourites for traditional and contemporary interiors alike. All our dimmers in this range of brass plates with a polished finish. They are lacquered for a final hard-wearing finish. They are available in a number of different styles. All available as one to four gang dimmer. All modules are LED compatible two way dimmer switches. 

Antique Brass Dimmers

These are the most popular of the traditional dimmers that we do, the antique brass dimmers are all fixed to a brass plates with a brushed antique brass finish. They are topped with antique brass dimmer caps. Available as one to four gang two way dimmers fixed to these metal plates. 

Polished Chrome Dimmers

Suitable for any room, but particularly popular in modern interiors, we have a wide range of polished chrome dimmers, some of which are displayed below, but there are even more available in the polished chrome sockets and switches area of our site. All these plates are brass plates with a chrome finish. All available as one to four gang two way dimmers. These dimmers are LED compatible.