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Black Nickel Floor Sockets and Pull Cords-Black Nickel Floor Sockets Made In Britain accreditation and 10 year warranty

Black Nickel Floor Sockets and Pull Cords

A range of black nickel floor sockets available to buy now. 

We have single and double 13amp floor sockets or single and double 5amp floor sockets. Both include a flush, hinged flap for each individual socket, so when a socket isn't in use, there's a smart and convenient cover to protect the socket and it looks nice too. 

We also have the modular floor sockets available, where you can choose what data modules are required, so you can make up your own plate just how you need it. 

We have a range of euro data modules available to buy here. 

Black Nickel Pull Cords

We also have black nickel pull cords available to buy now. 


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