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Brushed Steel LED Dimmers

Brushed Steel LED Dimmers

Still one of the most popular finishes available, brushed steel sockets and switches are one of the go-to finishes when renovating or building new properties. Within our range we have a wide array of brushed steel LED dimmers within these ranges. 

LED dimmers are those dimmers that are compatible with LED lamps and bulbs. Modern LED dimmers will also usually be compatible with traditional incandescent or halogen lamps and bulbs, but it is worth checking before using. Also, please be aware that the maximum wattage is normally lower on LED dimmers. That is the maximum load on the dimmer. Not usually a problem for LED, but can be an issue on older bulbs that have a higher wattage. 

Please also be aware that our LED dimmers have a maximum load of 10 lamps or bulbs on each gang. Putting more than this (or more than the maximum load of 120 watts) can cause the dimmer to fail. 

Within each of our ranges of brushed steel dimmer ranges, we have one to four gang dimmers available. The load on each gang (each individual switch) is 120 watts and/or 10 lamps/bulbs.