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Double Sockets

Double Sockets

We have huge range of double sockets available to buy now from Socket Store. A double socket is a socket with to plug inserts in it. All our double sockets have two rocker switches, one each plug socket. All our double sockets are also double pole sockets. 

We have metal sockets, glass sockets and traditional plastic sockets available, in a range of different colours and finishes. Depending on the sockets, we have a variety of black, white or grey inserts. 

We also have a number of different styles of plates available as double sockets, but each range is also available as a complete range of sockets, switches, dimmers and other electrical accessories. 



Brass Double Sockets

We have a wide range of brass double sockets available to buy. All our double sockets are double pole. These plates are solid brass with a number of finishes. Everything from polished brass to antique brass. We also have these sockets available in a number of different styles, from traditional styles like Georgian to Victorian to modern plates, like Contour and Flat. 

Copper Double Sockets

Below is some of the copper double sockets we have available, styles and finishes include flat bright copper, spectrum hammered copper, contour antique copper and many more.  

Brushed Steel Double Sockets

We have a large variety of brushed steel double sockets available to purchase. These plates also are also known as or often referred to as stainless steel. We have a few different styles available in this finish, these include flat, screwless, spectrum, contour and a couple more.


Rose Gold Double Sockets

The rose gold ranges are made of copper with a brushed rose gold finish. The finish is a matt finish with a slight brushed effect. All of our double sockets are double pole. Please note: Not suitable for freshly plastered walls. As these plates are made of copper they are not suitable for newly plastered walls. Please allow 6 months before fitting to freshly plastered walls. This ensures the walls are fully dried out and won't cause tarnishing to the plates.  

Chrome Double Sockets

We have a wide selection of polished chrome double sockets available to buy from a range of styles, such as Contour, Georgian, Oval and many more. We also have the option of a satin chrome finish, people often refer to this as a brushed chrome, due to its grainy finish. 

Rustic Double Sockets

These are some of the double sockets that we have available in our unique rustic finishes. Any of our rustic double sockets, will give that extra bit of wow to your home. Please note, all of our double sockets are double pole. 

Pewter Double Sockets

Below are some of the pewter double sockets we have available. The contour, flat and victorian plates are all metal pressed plates with a pewter finish.

Satin Nickel Double Sockets

Black Double Sockets

Black Bronze Double Sockets

Graphite Double Sockets

Grey Double Sockets

White Double Sockets

Bronze Double Sockets

Coloured Double Sockets