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Cooker Switches

We have a wide range of cooker switches, in various different styles, finishes and designs. 

There are typically three types of cooker switch in each range (although some range, like the Retrotouch range, have less options). All the cooker switches are 45 amp double pole (DP) switches. 

The three main type of cooker switches are single plates cooker switches, vertical double plates cooker switches, and finally the two gang cooker switch with a socket. 

The cooker switches all have red rocker switches, and those cooker switches that have additional plugs have a variety of switches for the socket, from black or white plastic, to metal versions. 

All these cooker switches perform the same function, to switch off a 45 amp mains supply, but there are a choice of three to best suit you individual situation. 

We have a number of plastic cooker switches, but also a wide array of metal switches. Please look in the white and grey section of our site if you are looking specifically for plastic cooker switches, otherwise please feel free to browse around the other sections for switches fixed to metal plates. We have categorised them based on finish, but please check out each finish/colour to see an additional selection of plate types, from flat to traditional rounded edged plates, to those more unusual plates, such as rustic or cast plates switches. 


Please don't forget, while browsing and buying is for everyone, you need a qualified electrician to carry out any work within the kitchen.