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Grey Cooker SwitchesGrey Cooker Switches

We have a large selection of grey cooker switches available online.

Within our selection of grey cooker switches, we have a number of different shades of grey, different sized plates, and different switches, so we're sure you will find the right cooker switch for your new project. 

We have light grey, dark grey, mid grey and hammered grey finishes. There are three plate types within the light grey and dark grey finishes. There are flat plates (requiring deeper back boxes), Contour; which is our standard sized plate, and finally Spectrum, or oversized plate. 

The hammered grey is a standard sized plate. The mid grey is also a standard sized plate, but is plastic with a screwless look. 

All these ranges of a cooker switch with socket available, however some of the ranges also have an option for a vertical double cooker plate and also a single cooker switch. 

All these cooker switches have a red plastic switch, and are all rated to 45 amps.

Contour Hammered Grey Cooker Switch with Socket