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What kind of dimmer is needed for LED lights?

What kind of dimmer is needed for LED lights?

LED lighting need an LED compatible dimmer to ensure it works properly. Many of the older types of dimmers are not compatible. 

We would always advise you to upgrade your dimmers at the same time as your lighting. We would always recommend Varilight V-Pro dimmers. They are the leading LED dimmer on the market, and for a good reason. They work with more LED lamps than most, if not all, other manufacturers are offer a fantastic reliability. 

Most LED compatible dimmers have a number of different settings, so don't despair if tit doesn't work the first time round. Just read the instructions on how to change the settings on the dimmer, and one of the settings should work. Most of the time it is done using a sequence of holding and turning the dimmer knob, but this varies with each supplier, so please check the instructions to be sure. 

Will my Current Dimmer Work?

It is unlikely a dimmer that is not specifically designed to work with LED lamps will work, but there is no harm checking. Feel free to put the LED lamps on the dimmer to check. If they are not compatible, and you have checked all the settings on the dimmer, you will normally have an issue with flickering lights/lamps. This will normally happen either all the time, or when you are adjusting the brightness on the dimmer. 

Dimmable LED Lamps and Bulbs

It important to note that standard LED lamps and bulbs are not dimmable as standard. You will need to buy LED lamps that are dimmable LED lamps. It should say whether this is the case on the packaging. It is very unlikely to work if they are not dimmable LED, no matter what dimmer is used.