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What is a Dolly Light Switch? 

What is a Dolly Light Switch? 

A Dolly light switch, or toggle, is a different type of switch from your standard spring loaded rocker. 

If you're looking for something a little different with a bit of a vintage feel, dolly switches are the ones for you. 

Dolly switches can be given many names, such as toggle, tumbler or snap switch. 

They have the same wiring system as the rocker switches and will fit into the same size back boxes depending on the thickness of the plate. You can read more about back boxes here.

Some people would suggest that dolly switches are more aesthetically pleasing and smarter than rocker switches. Dolly switches do not have the standard on off markings like some rocker switches have and they offer a different kind of interior look to your home. 

Dolly switches have been around for a long time. Some would argue that they're outdated and old fashioned, however as vintage trends become a lot more modernised, toggle switches are becoming a lot more popular on the market. 

With Dolly switches, they do have a loud clicking sound, which can sometimes give a satisfying sense when turning a switch on and off. This is why a dolly switch can sometimes be referred to as a snap switch. 

One of the disadvantages of toggle switches is they're not as widely spread as standard rockers. Rocker switches are available in a huge variety including 20amp, fuse spurs and many more. Our Dolly switches are only available as 1/2 way standard switches and intermediate switches. We also have dolly grid options available, where you can mix 1/2 way switches and intermediates on the same plate. You can read more about the grid toggle options here.

We have a wide variety of finishes available, in 1 - 4 gang options. Browse our Dolly switch options below to find the perfect switches for your home.