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What is a grid plate?

What is a Grid Plate?

A grid plate allows you to create your own switch combinations on one front plate. Our grid plates range from single gang to 12 gang, giving you the flexibility to combine exactly the switches you need in one convenient place.

Grid Plate with Light Switches

The first use of a grid plate switch is when you want unusual/non-standard switch combinations on one plate.

This normally means a combination of intermediate light switches and two way (or one way) switches. Two way switches are used when there are one or two switches controlling one light or set of lights. Strictly speaking, you can use a one way light switch for switching a light with only one switch, but we'd recommend (and sell) two way light switches for this too.

Intermediate light switches are used as the middle switch when there are three or more switches controlling one light or set of lights. As an example if you have a switch in the hall, at the top of the stairs and at the end of the landing, the switch at the top of the stairs will need to be an intermediate light switch. You can read more about intermediate light switches here.

Occasionally you will need an intermediate light switch on a plate with other switches. This is when the grid switches are useful. You can select the style of plate you need, then select the correct combination of switches for your needs. 

Please note the screws on the front of the two gang plate (the plate with two switches on it) are at the top and bottom of the plate. These screws are to fix the front plate to the back (called the yolk). The yolk is then fitted to the back box using screws on the left and right, so these plates will fit into a standard back box.  

What is a grid switch plate?

Grid Plate with DP Switches

The second use for grid switches is when you need a variety of 20 amp DP (Double Pole) switches on one plate. By far the most popular use of these is in the kitchen. When you have under counter appliances in your kitchen, such as fridges and freezers, you have to plug them in under the counter, but you need a way of isolating them above the counter, for safety.

You can do this using individual switched fused spurs, one above each appliance, however your electrician can also wire them in to one plate. You can have engraved switches fitted to the grid plate so that you know which switch controls which appliance. 

What is a grid toggle?

Toggle Grid Plates

The third example of the grid plates is a toggle grid plate. This serves the same purpose as the grid plate with light switches, mentioned above, but uses toggle switches rather than rocker switches. Again, these are used when combining two way light switches with intermediate light switches. 

Please note the toggle switches look slightly different from standard toggle switches, as they have the fixing screws visible on the front of the plate, so please bear this in mind before buying a mix of standard toggles and grid toggles, if you would like them all to match. 

We have grid switches, DP grid switches and grid toggles available in many of our ranges. Please browse through to the range for more details. If you need any further assistance trying to find them, please call our customer service team on 02920 004 887 or chat to us with our online chat service.