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Grey Dolly Light Switch

Grey Dolly Light Switch

We have a number of different grey dolly light switches available to but now from Socket Store. 

Dolly light switches, also known as toggle switches, are level switches. Ours dolly switches are metal, fixed to a metal plate. As a result they will need earthing at the point of installation. 

Dolly switches have traditionally been a old style of light switch, but in recent times we’ve seen a resurgence in popularity, and working with our suppliers, we are please to be able to introduce a number of different modern dolly switches, like the grey dolly switches in these ranges. 

All of these plates are steel with a powder coater finish. The toggles have a brushed steel finish. They are available as one to four gang two way light switches, and also a single intermediate switch. 

We also have a grid toggle option, where you can mix and match two way and intermediate switches together. Please browse the ranges below for more details.