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What is a Fan Isolator Switch?

What is a Fan Isolator Switch?

A fan isolator switch is a switch that is able to isolate a bathroom extractor fan, usually from outside the bathroom.

A fan isolator switch has both a permanent live and a switched live. This allows you to connect a light switch to an extractor fan. When the light switch is turned on, the fan also turns on. Once the light switch is turned off the fan continues to run for a set period of time. This is done using a timer within the extractor fan. To do this you require a switched live, to trigger the fan to switch on, and a permanent live that stays live, to run the extractor fan.

A fan isolator switch enables this functionality, and also enable the ability to switch off both the switch live and permanent live off, making it safe within the bathroom.

We offer a huge amount of fan isolator switches in a wide range of finishes and styles.