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What are Fused Spurs?

What are Fused Spurs?

A fused spur is a switch that is used within a 13 amp circuit. It has a fuse cage that contains a fuse, and in many instances it also has a switch. There are a number of different variants that are available, including with neon lights, without neon lights and also with or without flex outlets. 

Fused spurs are used in a wiring circuit to give you a means of isolating the circuit. They are particularly useful where access to the appliance is not easy. For instance with appliances under a worktop, such as washing machines and tumble dryers. They are also often used in showers and boilers, to provide a means of turning just that one appliance off.

In certain instances an unswitched fused spur is used. The means it only contains the fuse cage, but with no switch. 

For those fused spurs with neon lights, the lights are lit up once the switch is on, and are unlit when the switch is off. 

How Many Amps Can a Fused Spur Take? 

A fused spur can take a 13 amp load. They are pre-loaded with a 13 amp fuse, although they can be swapped out for a lower ampage fuse if appropriate. Fused spurs are specifically designed for us on a standard ring main.