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Fused Spurs

Fused Spurs

We have a huge array of fused spurs available to buy from Socket Store. There are a number of different fused spurs, typically broken down into two types. Switched fused spurs and unswitched fused spurs. 

Within the switched fused spur types you also have a selection of options when it comes to whether the spur has neon and/or flex outlets. There are a number of different types, but switched fused spurs with no neon or flex is the most popular type. 

Fused spurs are used in a variety of circumstances, but are often used to isolate things like kitchen appliances, boilers and cooker hoods. 

Within our comprehensive range of fused spurs we have a number of different glass, copper, brass, steel and chrome plates available, in addition to a number of other colours and styles. Many of these colours are available in a number of different styles of plates, such as Georgian, Victorian, flat or plain classic plates.