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Contour Polished Brass Intermediate Toggle Switch - G+H CB385

This is a Contour polished brass intermediate toggle switch.

It is an intermediate toggle switch in polished brass fixed to a matching polished brass toggle switch plate. It is suitable to use as the middle switch in a configuration when three or more switches are used to control one set of lights. 

Intermediate SwitchDo you need an intermediate switch?

This is an intermediate light switch. Do you need an intermediate light switch?

You only need it if you have three or more light switches controlling one light. In which case the middle one(s) need to be intermediate.

The two end ones need to be two way light switches.

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  • Type: Switch
  • Switch Material: Metal
  • Back-box depth required: 16mm
  • Screw Length: 30mm
  • Plate Material: Brass
  • Amperage: 10 Amp
  • Switch Type: Intermediate
  • Screws Included: Yes
  • Back-box Included: No
  • Style: Contour
  • Finish: Polished Brass
  • Gang: 1
  • Product Code: CB385
  • Dimensions (mm): 85L x 8W x 85H
  • Availability: 1 weeks
  • Items in Bag
  • 16.76
  • £16.00

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