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Traditional Sockets and Switches

Traditional Sockets and Switches

We have a huge variety of traditional sockets and switches available to buy online now at Socket Store. We work with a number of leading switch and socket manufacturers to ensure we have as broad a range as possible. 

All our traditional ranges come as a complete selection of sockets, switches, dimmers, toggles and other data plates. They are available with either matching metal or plastic switches. 

Please click on the ranges below to see the full selection of plates within each range, or click through to our full selection of sockets and switches to see even more options. 

Typically most traditional ranges are finished in polished brass, satin brass or antique brass, however we also find the polished chrome and brushed satin nickel can also offer a nice alternative to the traditional ranges. 

All our ranges come with a 2 year warranty, for your peace of mind.