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Grey Toggle Light Switches

Grey Toggle Light Switches

We have a wide selection of grey toggle light switches available online at Socket Store.

These switches are metal with a powder coated grey finish. The are available in three colours. Light grey, dark grey and hammered grey. The light grey and dark grey toggles are available on three different plate styles. Flat plate, Contour (standard size) and oversized Spectrum plates. Our hammered range are available in our standard Contour range. The toggle switches themselves are made of brushed chrome. 

Within each of these ranges, we have one to four gang toggle with two way switching, which are also suitable for one way switching. We also have one gang intermediate toggles available. If you do need a specific combination of two way and intermediate switches, these ranges also have a grid plate option, where you can select every combination of two way and intermediate switches needed. 

All of these grey toggle switches are part of a complete range of sockets, switches, dimmers and data plates, so please click on each toggle to see the full range of matching plates available in the same range.