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Black Toggle Light Switches                                                 

We have a large range of black toggle switches available to buy online now from Socket Store.

Our black toggles come in a variety of different colours, and with a number of different toggle combinations. We have a number of black toggle plates, from polished black to matt black. These toggles are metal with a powder coated or painted finish. 

The toggle switches themselves are available as black, but some ranges also have polished chrome and polished brass toggles available, offering a brand new take on a traditional plate.

Within the finishes of black, there are also a number of different plate styles, from flat and screwless plates to standard sizes and oversized plates. 


All of these ranges have 2-way switches available as one to four gang black toggles, also suitable for one way switching. We also have one gang intermediate switches available in all of these ranges. Certain ranges also have grid toggles available, allowing you to make up any combination of 2 way and intermediate toggles on one plate.