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Surface Pattress Boxes

Surface Pattress Boxes

We have a wide selection of surface pattress boxes available to buy online now. 

Surface pattress boxes are usually used when it is not possible to bury the socket or switch in a wall box, and therefore the pattress box is fixed to the wall. In most circumstances conduit is used to trail the cable from the pattress box to the consumer unit. 

We have normal white pattress boxes available to buy in a number of different depths, depending on the socket or switch you require. Due to the depth of the electrical components on some sockets and switches, and also the number of cables included in the pattress box, the depth of the required pattress box varies. 

In more recent times we have been working with our suppliers to also provide a number of pattress boxes in different colours and finishes. We have everything from brass, chrome, black and copper pattress boxes to buy. 

Please note, as the position the cable enters the back box can vary, you will be required to drill a hole through the pattress box at the required location. This is something your electrician should be used to doing. On some occasions it may be possible to feed the cable through the back of the pattress box, however in most instances this is not possible. 

Pattress boxes are often used when a house rewire is taking place, and the owner does not want to go through the cost and disruption of channelling the new cables into the wall, and also in cutting new back boxes into the wall.

We have 32mm and 44mm surface pattress boxes available in most of our finishes. They are all made from steel with a number of different processes applied to give the finishing effect. Please browse each plate for more details about each finish. 

Please browse our range of pattress boxes below, or call us now on 02920 004 887 if you have any technical queries.