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Industrial Style Sockets and Switches

If you've seen a home improvement or interior design blog or magazine, or follow the latest trends on Pinterest, you're sure to know that the industrial look is the look at the moment.

We have to say we adore the industrial look - so much so that we redecorated our showroom to match! We felt, however, that one thing was missing in the style; sockets and switches (well, we would think that, wouldn't we?).

As a result we have set about building a range of industrial style sockets and switches that we feel will cover most situations. We feel there is something for everyone here, and hope you will find the style that best suits you. We will highlight a few specific ones below, but don't forget to check out a more comprehensive list at the bottom of the page. As with all our ranges of sockets and switches, each of the ranges below are available as complete ranges of sockets, switches, toggles, dimmers and data plates.

Also don't forget we have plenty of matching lights to go with these sockets and switches too. 

Industrial Sockets

Tarnished Copper Sockets and Switches

We introduced copper sockets and switches a number of years ago, and they proved to be wildly popular, however some people looking for the industrial look wanted something with a little more of a worn look. As a result we set about creating the tarnished copper sockets and switches with our suppliers. We feel the finished look is the absolute perfect match for the industrial look. The plates are available in two different styles, the flat plate and the Contour plate, which is more like a traditional shaped socket, and doesn't need a deeper back box for fitting. Both plates are made from solid copper and are finished in similar styles. As these plates are hand tarnished, each one is unique.

Black Sockets and Switches

Without doubt one of the most popular finishes for us in the matt black sockets and switches. These are metal plates with a powder coated matt black finish, which are then lacquered for extra longevity. The matt black plates are available in a number of different plate styles from flat to contour and, of course, the higher end cast matt black sockets. These plates are a little more expensive than the others, but once you have them in your hands you'll understand why, with the extra weight and the crisp edges that you can only get from cast plates.

We also have the hammered black sockets and switches. These have the same matt black finish, but have a more uneven finish, almost like a ripple effect on the surface that catches the light to give extra texture to the plates.

Black Bronze SocketsBlack Bronze Sockets and Switches

The black bronze sockets and switches are available in a number of different plate styles. We're a real fan of the finish of these plates. These plates offer a nice middle-ground for someone that wants a dark plate, but perhaps not as deep as one of our matt black finishes. The finish is almost bordering on grey, but not quite.

Once again in this finish we have a range of cast black bronze sockets and switches. There are the the most versatile range we have with a black bronze finish and certainly offer the complete look, so are worth the extra premium. They are cast brass plates, finished in a black bronze finish. Because of the process of casting the plates (instead of a standard pressed plate) the finish has that off-perfect feel, especially around the switch, but that fits all the better with the whole industrial look!

Rustic Silver Sockets and Switches

 What better way to get the industrial look than to get a blacksmith to beat the hell out of the plate with a hammer? Yes, that's right these flat plate rustic silver sockets and switches are hand finished by a blacksmith in the Midlands.

These rustic plates are flat plates, but unlike the other plates that are finished at with powder coat or a metal finish at the finishers these plates are sent to the blacksmiths to be beaten into shape. What we end up with is a set of plates that are each as unique as the next. They have a rustic look with a glisten of metal gleaming through.

Georgian Verdigris SocketsVerdigris Sockets and Switches

These Verdigris sockets and switches are tarnished at the point of finishing, giving them an aged and unique look, with hues of green, brown tarnished metal. They are probably the epitome of the industrial finish.

These plates are available as flat plates and also Georgian Verdigris sockets and switches. The gives a couple of options for tying them into your decor. If you are in an old house and are trying to get the old-world feel the Georgian plates are probably the way to go, but if you're lucky enough to get your hands on a warehouse conversion we would suggest the flat Verdigris plates may give you the look you're hoping for.

Pattress Boxes

We had one piece of unfinished business with the industrial look. If you are lucky enough to be doing an industrial conversion or warehouse conversion and have the joy of an exposed brick wall, it is likely to have one extra issue to deal with. It is unlikely that you can chase the wall out to fit the sockets into a standard embedded back box.

That's why we wanted to finish the look with some pattress boxes. They are available as single or double pattress boxes and are 32mm deep, giving you plenty of room for the cables. These pattress boxes should enable you to fit any of the sockets and switches in the Trimline or Slim ranges. They are not specifically designed for the cast plates, so we wouldn't recommend them for this range. They are available in a lot of the finishes, and if you can't get the finish you want please give us a call, we may be able to get them made to order (we can at least ask the manufacturer!).


As we said at the beginning, there are plenty of styles to choose from, but don't forget there are also plenty of lights to match these plates, so feel free to browse our lighting section for inspiration, or call our team if you want to talk through your ideas with someone. We're available on 02920 004 887.