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Freshly -plastered -wallCopper Plates on Freshly Plastered Walls?

Why Can't You Fit Copper Sockets and Switches to Freshly Plastered Walls?

The copper sockets and switches from G&H Brassware are one of our most popular plates.

We have a number of different finished available, including bright copper, rose gold, tarnished copper and hammered copper. One of the questions we are asked is about the plates not being suitable for freshly plastered walls, other than the hammered copper. 

Plate Material - Solid Copper

Unlike many other manufacturers, the copper plates (other than the hammered copper) are made with solid copper. While we feel this gives a superior finish, it does mean it is susceptible to damage through water ingress. 

Newly Plastered Walls

Freshly plastered walls can take up to six months to dry out properly. It may appear to be dry to touch/feel and to the eye, but litres of water are put into plaster mix and it takes many months for all of this water to dry out of the walls. As a result if you fit copper plates to the walls this water can seep into the plates, causing corrosion. 

Can't the Manufacturer Protect the Plates?

All the plates are lacquered once they have been finished, we also provide gaskets (thin plastic slips that must be fitted between the wall and the sockets and switches) however we, and the manufacturer, have found that this is still not enough to protect against the damp seeping from freshly plastered walls. As a result these plates must not be fitted to freshly plastered walls. 

Please note: Fitting to freshly plastered walls, even with the gaskets supplied, does invalidate the warranty, so we are not able to offer any replacements for damage caused to sockets and switches that have been fitted either to freshly plastered walls (less than 6 months old) and also if the plates are fitted without gaskets, even when the wall is not freshly plastered. 

Hammered -copperAny Exceptions?

Our range of Hammered Copper socket and switches are made from brass with a powder coated finish, so this is fine to fit on newly plastered walls.

As always we are available to answer any queries you have, so if you do have any questions about the copper sockets and switches or any other products on our site, please don't hesitate to get in touch.