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What is Brushed Chrome vs Polished Chrome Sockets

What is Brushed Chrome vs Polished Chrome Sockets?

Chrome sockets are one of the most popular finishes available in the market today, but it may not be clear the difference between polished chrome and brushed chrome sockets. 

In simple terms the difference between polished and brushed chrome is one is shiny, polished finish and the other has vertical brush strokes on the plate. 

What is a Chrome Socket? 

It may help to understand how a chrome socket is actually made. Our chrome sockets are made in the UK. They are made from a base metal of brass. We only use brass, as it gives a better quality finish. We then chrome plate the socket to finish. As it's a final finish it doesn't require any other process, like lacquering. 

How is the Finish Applied? 

Interestingly the finish, either polish or brushed finish, is actually applied before the chrome is applied. Once the brass plate is formed it is either polished or brushed. It then has a chrome plate applied. The polished finish or brushed finish then naturally shows through the chrome plating. 

Is it a Good Finish for Your Home?

Chrome is one of the most popular finishes for a reason. It is a very versatile finish. It is not only a modern looking finish, but it is also versatile enough to use in traditional decor too. Not only that, but the chrome plating also stops finger prints showing up as much as other polished plates. 

Polished Chrome Sockets and Switches

We are very pleased to offer a great variety of sockets and switches with a polished chrome finish. The most popular of the two finishes. We have a number of different styles of plate. Each style is available has a full range of sockets, switches, dimmers, toggles and data plates.  

Brushed Chrome Sockets and Switches

Our brushed chrome sockets and switches are a more recent addition to our range, but it's proven very popular for more modern contemporary interior styles. Within the brushed chrome finish we have a number of different plate styles. All the styles have a full range of sockets, switches, dimmers, toggles and data plates.