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What is a Double Pole Switch?

What is a Double Pole Switch?

A Double Pole (or DP) switch is a switch that controls two circuits at the same time. In terms of residential switching, this normally means it switches the live and neutral at the same time.

Why Do I Need One?

When switching using single pole switching, like in the case of most light switches, the switch only controls one circuit. In these cases it is the live circuit. When controlling a circuit such as the socket ring by only switching the live, you are leaving the neutral connected, which adds to the risk of receiving an electric shock.

When you use a DP switch you are able to isolate both the live and neutral, meaning there is no current passing through the circuit. This makes it much safer.

What is a Double Pole Switch Used For?

 In most circumstances within the home a DP switch is used when a ring main is involved. They are now a requirement to be used in kitchens, so you can use a DP switch above the counter to switch off any appliances below the countertop. This makes it much safer to deal with appliances below the counter, as the electrical supply can be removed before touching the back of the appliance. 

Do I Need a DP Switch for Lighting?

Most UK lighting circuits only have a live connection at the light switch. This means you will not require a DP switch for controlling the light switch. 

As is always the case, if in doubt, please contact a qualified electrician who will be able to help resolve any issues you have with your electricity. 

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