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Difference Satin Chrome Brushed Chrome SocketsSatin Chrome or Brushed Chrome Sockets?

The Difference Between Satin and Brushed Switch Plates

One of the questions we’re regularly asked is what is the difference between satin chrome sockets and brushed chrome sockets?

There are two differences in the finish. The first difference is with the finish of the sockets and switches. The second is with the shape of the plates. We've put two of our chrome switches next to each other, to compare. Satin Chrome Switch
Satin Chrome Switch

Brushed Chrome Switch
Brushed Chrome Switch


Satin Chrome Sockets and Switches

As you can hopefully see, the first plate, the satin chrome switch, has a more uniform finish. It is spray finished to give it a matt finish without any brush effect. The colour is also slightly darker. This plate is a squarer shape too, and is slightly larger.

Brushed Chrome Sockets and Switches

With the brushed chrome sockets and switches it is left with the base metal finish, but with a brushed effect across the plates, vertically in this case. It still provides a matt finish, but with a more metallic feel to the plate, and of course with the brush effect.

Is there a difference in option?

No, both plates come in full ranges of products, so it's more a personal aesthetic choice rather than needing to choose one of the other for technical reasons.

Both plates are manufactured from metal with the finish applied over the top.

Screwless Satin Chrome SocketsOther Satin Chrome Options

There are, of course, many other options available apart from these two plates. In recent years we've seen the addition of the Screwless version of the satin chrome sockets from Varilight, and also a mixed chrome range from G&H Brassware.

Other Options: Polished Chrome

Polished chrome sockets has for a long time been the 'go-to plate' for people looking to upgrade from traditional white plastic sockets and switches. In more recent years we've seen manufacturers introducing more variety into their finishes, including the Silver effect, brushed steel and satin nickel.

All these ranges are available as complete ranges of plates, and if you are missing any specific type of plate you can always use a modular plate or grid plate to make up the combination you need.

Brushed Steel

Brushed steel is a good alternative to satin chrome sockets and switches. It has a slightly darker finish and is finished with a brushed style to the plate. There are also a full range of Screwless brushed steel sockets and switches available.

Brushed Nickel

Another subtle variation of this brushed metal finish is the brushed nickel sockets and switches range. They are available in a number of different style with a brushed nickel finish, which is a little darker than the chrome and with a slight yellow hue.

We hope this explanation helps making your choice on our site, but fear not if you have any other questions please don't hesitate to call our customer service team on 02920 004 887.