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How to wire a light switch

How to Wire a Light Switch

You initially need to work out what type of light switch you have. There are two typical types of light switches in a room. For rooms with just one light switch you will need to wire the switch as a one way light switch. If your room has two switches controlling one light you will need to wire the switch as a two way light switch. 

One Way Light Switch

A one way light switch has three cables. The earth cable is wired into the earth terminal, normally located in the switch plate itself, or on some plastic plates this will need to be fitted to the earth terminal of the back box. 

The brown cable is fitted to the COM (Common) terminal. The blue cable should be fitted with a brown collar, and fixed to the L1 terminal. The brown cable is the live cable, while the blue cable is the switched live. 

Two way light switch

Two Way Light Switch

The connections are done in a different way for two way light switches.

There are two possible ways to wire, but the usual way is to connect the live cable to the COM of now switch, and to connect the switched live to the COM on the other switch.

With this connection you then connect the L1 on one switch to the L1 on the other switch, and similarly you connect L2 on one switch to the L2 on the other switch. 

With this connection, connected correctly, the two switches will work independently. Meaning you can switch the light on and off from either switch. 

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