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Can I use a 2 way switch for 1 way?

Can I use a 2 way switch for 1 way?

Yes, you can use a 2-way switch for 1-way switching. In fact many manufacturers don't offer a one way switch any more, they only offer two way switches. This is because the cost of manufacture is very similar, therefore there is little to gain from manufacturing one way only switches.

How Do You Wire 2-Way Switches For 1-Way Switching?

Most two way switches have a Common terminal, as well as an L1 and L2 terminal. For two way switching you will need to connect both L1 and L2. For one way switching, as you have one less connection, you only need to use the L1 connection. You can leave the L2 connection blank.

Please note, while these are the normal markings on most UK switches, they can vary (for instance they sometimes have L1, L2, L3). Please take care, and if you in any doubt always consult with a qualified electrician, or better still, use them for any electrical work. 

We have many other guides in our help area, but one of our most popular is 'what is an intermediate switch'. so don't forget to check them out for more wiring queries. 

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