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What is the difference between a light pendant and a chandelier? 

What is the difference between a light pendant and a chandelier? 

There are many differences between light pendants and chandeliers. The main difference is a light pendant is a single light, whereas a chandelier is typically multiple lights on one fitting. Chandeliers are also often more traditional and ornate than a lot of light pendants. 

This article helps you to understand the differences and maybe make your choice a little easier. 

What is a Chandelier?

A chandelier is suspended from the ceiling, holding multiple bulbs, whereas a pendant is suspended from the ceiling with a single bulb. 

To understand both light fixtures, we've explained how both were created and what's best suited for your interior.

The first chandeliers created, were metal disk with holders, which you would use to place candles. These were called Polycandelons. Initially, chandeliers only appeared in wealthy homes and were a symbol of fortune. In the 15th century, wooden counterparts being produced, giving less wealthy homes the option for a cheaper alternative. The 17th and 18th century marked the beginning of the production of blown glass chandeliers. Huge chandeliers were created and commonly used as statement pieces in large rooms such as hallways, living rooms, staircases, lounges and dining rooms. Smaller chandeliers are  now also available to buy which are suitable to use in bedrooms and smaller living areas. 

With a wide variety of chandeliers on the market today, there's plenty of options suitable for different size rooms. 

We offer beautifully crafted designs from bright copper and chrome designs to industrial, wooden and vintage.

Larger chandeliers are designed for more open spaces, as they are statement pieces. If placed in a small room, the chandelier would become overpowering and not a right fit. Modern chandeliers these day are less detailed and simplified. However the range of chandeliers we have available are more a modern and elegant piece. With chrome and crystal elements, adding a charming and lovely lighting effects to your home, bar, hotel or restaurant, browse through the options below to find your perfect piece. 

What is a Light Pendant?

Light pendants are a different type of light to a chandeliers and this can sometimes be confusing. A pendant is a single light fixture that is hung from the ceiling, usually suspended by a chain or metal rod. Pendants can also be referred to as a drop or suspender.

Pendants are suitable to fit just about anywhere but the most common places to fit single pendant fittings is by your bedside table, above a kitchen island or dining room table, an entryway and bathroom vanity (check IP rating). 

Modern pendant layouts nowadays consists of more than one pendant. A common set up of pendants is placing 3 or more in one area. Above a  breakfast bar or kitchen island or even a reading area.

Browse options below to create your perfect pendant set up. 

Full Lighting Range

As well as light pendants and chandeliers we also have a full range of other lighting. Everything from floor lights, flush ceiling lights, wall lights and table lamps. To make it easier to find, we have organised all the lights into finishes. Please take some time to browse the full range of lighting below.