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Task Lighting for Kitchens

Task Lighting for Kitchens

Task lighting in a kitchen is simply the lighting you need to best accomplish the tasks in your kitchen. 


In most modern kitchens downlights tend to be used for the majority of task lighting. Downlights are typically embedded into the ceiling, flush or semi-flush, and point down. These need to be fire rated lights, as they involve cutting a hole in your ceiling, that should also be fire rated. You can get spotlight ‘cans’ that are fitted into the ceiling, and then add a GU10 lamps (also know as a GU10 bulb). More recently there has been a noticable shift to integrated LED lamps, where the LED light is part of the fitting. 

You should have a decent amount of spotlights, typically running above your worktop. We would suggest every 800-1000 mm.

You can also put these in the centre of the room, light in the kitchen displayed here. 


Traditionally spotlights were used. These were not usually flush, but protruded from the ceiling, and could be pointed in various directions, to ensure you covered all the dark part of your kitchen, but these have largely fallen out of fashion, now almost always replaced with flush downlights. 

Traditional Lights

You can also use light pendants or other traditional lights, although these don’t typically offer such clear task lighting, so we would generally suggest using them above the eating area/breakfast bar, and potentially not above the worktops. 

Under Cabinet Lights

If you are looking for additional lighting, under cabinet lights underneath your wall cabinets can be a great addition. Modern kitchens often don’t have light pelmet, but the LED under cabinet lights are so thin they will still not be visible, so these are something that can be added to your kitchen at any point. 


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