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What is Layering Light

What is Layering Light?

Layering light is a way of adding different types of lighting together to create a unique, personal space. Adding ambient, accent and task lighting together can create layers of light that add a level of depth to your room that is difficult to achieve otherwise. 

Why is Layering Light So Important?

Layering lighting is important because it can transform a room from a basic single light source that gives you a practical, functional light to the warmth, depth and complexity of a finished room.  

How Do You Do Layered Lighting?

The best way to create layered lighting is to all three types of lighting; ambient, accent and task lighting. While it is not always possible, and it is not a good idea to force it, adding all three types of lighting is ideal. 

What is Accent Lighting

What Are The Three Types of Lighting?

The three types of lighting are ambient, accent and task lighting.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the main, practical light within a room. Normally either the central light, or a set of spotlights that provide the main lighting source that provide the majority of the light in a room. 

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is more of a decorative light than a practical light. It is used to soften a room. It can be an under cabinet light, a picture light, an uplight on a wall or a floor lamp positioned carefully. 

Task Lighting

Task lighting is the practical light. It is used for practical things, like reading, cooking and desk lamps for working. It can also be used to add to the overall effect of the lighting in your room, but first and foremost it is used to help with everyday tasks. 

Ambient Lighting

We have a huge range of ambient lighting. We have taken a selection of our favourites here, but don't worry, we have a huge selection of lighting available in the lighting section

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting can be a tricky thing to get right, but we have you covered with a wide and varied range of accent lighting. We've put a few of our favourite accent lights below, but we do also have a much larger selection in the lighting section of our site. 

Task Lighting

We have a lovely selection of task lighting available within each section of our lighting section, however we have hand-picked some of our favourites below. Fear not, it is a drop in the ocean of the full range available.