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What Is Easy Fit Light PendantWhat is a Non Electric Ceiling Pendant? 

A non electric ceiling pendant attaches to your normal ceiling rose and lamp holder without any need for electrical work. Basically it's a lamp shade, but normally made of a different material than cotton, linen, silk etc. They are often made of metal, glass or another material. They are an easy way to upgrade your lighting without having to call in the electrician.

What is An Easy Fit Light Pendant?

An easy fit light pendant is the same as a non electric light pendant, that is a pendant fitting, similar to a lamp shade, that fits to your current ceiling light without the need for electrical work.

Can I Fit One Without An Electrician?

Yes, these are very easy to fit. You simple remove the bulb from the light (but turn the light off first) and remove the bezel that is normally attached to the light fitting (it's the ring that screws to the light fitting which holds the pendant/shade in place. You can then insert the non-electric light pendant to the light fitting and then screw the bezel/ring back into place.

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