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Vintage Light Switches

We have a huge selection of vintage light switches available to buy online at Socket Store. 

Of course, all our light switches are brand new, conforming to the latest British standards, but we have plently of styles that look vintage, and would certainly go in a traditional setting. 

When is comes to vintage switches, we have a lot of polished brass on antique brass finishes, that have always been popular when people are looking for the vintage look, however in more recent times we have introduced a wide selection of other finishes that offer the same look, so you have a far bigger selection than in the past. 

With the vintage switches, we do offer both rocker switches and toggle switches, although when it comes to the vintage look, toggles are the far more popular choice. Please remember, these are metal, so although they have a vintage look, they do still need an earth wire when fitting. 


We have a great quantity of lighting available to purchase here at Socket Store. Many of our lighting options will compliment your sockets and switches. We offer a range of light fixtures including ceiling lights, wall lights, table lamps, light pendants and floor lamps. Please click on the below links to discover further information regarding our lighting section.