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Hand Waxed Sockets and Switches-Handwaxed cat image

Hand Waxed Sockets and Switches

Here we have a range of hand waxed sockets and switches in copper and brass finishes with a raised or flat plate option. 

Hand waxing is a traditional technique used since Tudor times. It gives is a lovely soft effect which looks fabulous in any traditional or contemporary interior. As wax is a natural finish it offers the polished plates a slight matt finish.

To keep your hand waxed sockets and switches looking their very best and preserve the finish, it is essential that the natural wax coating is given some light regular maintenance. The natural wax seal over the plates can deteriorate over time and cause rusting.

If the natural seal of the wax has broken, the plate may appear to oxidise or rust. In this case, you simply rub down the rusted area with a fine wire wool - 00 grade is suitable - taking care not to mark the plate, to remove the rust and then re-seal it with a generous layer of natural wax.

To avoid any unsightly corrosion occurring we advise that you apply a fresh coat of pure natural beeswax with a lint free soft cloth every 3 – 6 months

Please note, these ranges are on a 10-14 working day lead time.