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Wall Lights

Wall lights can add that extra element of class, not to mention some great mood lighting to your room. 

While many people spend time on their centrepiece lights, wall lights are often neglected. They can offer a great balance to your main light, as well as an alternative light source. This can be especially important if your main light is very bright. 

Using wall lights can add depth to the lighting in your room. You can go with a matching set, of wall lights and ceiling lights, but we prefer to mix and match. Either choose a style, and select a wall light that goes with that style, or if you want to be more traditional, look for a matching set of lights. 

We have a lot of sets of lights that offer matching wall lights, ceiling lights and often table and floor lamps to match. 

We would always advise to start with a wall light, when choosing your new lighting in a room. There tends to be a smaller selection of wall lights, in comparison to ceiling lights, so choosing your wall light first can avoid disappointment later down the line, if you can't find the right wall light to match.

We have a number of different styles of wall lighting available, from traditional to contemporary. We also have a selection of industrial wall lights available. 

Our wall lighting is also available in a number of different finishes. Please browse the finishes below, or browse our full lighting section for even more choices.  

Most of our lights don't include the bulbs as standard, although we have a comprehensive range of LED lamps and bulbs to match. Just select the fitting, and then the light colour that best matches your room style (normally something from warm white to cool white bulbs work best). 


We are now seeing an increase of integrated LED wall lights available from our suppliers. These do not require an additional bulb, as the LED light is part of the actual light fitting. 

Full Lighting Range

We have a full range of lighting that work well with the wall lights we have available in the various colour and finishes outlined below, so feel free to browse around to see if you can find the right lights for you.