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Flat Plate Light Switches

Flat Plate Light Switches

We have a wide range of flat plate light switches, available to buy now online. Flat plate light switches are particularly effective on new and, more importantly, straight walls. Anything other than a flat wall and the switch plate will highlight the imperfections, and can look unsightly. 

If you do have a flat wall, then flat plate switches really can look fantastic. For the best results we would recommend setting the back box slightly back from the front of the wall, so that the plates sits properly flat against the wall. Don't forget that these plates will require deeper back boxes, as the plate is so thin. Please check on each range page for details of the recommended depths. 

We have a huge selection of finishes available in flat plates. From traditional brass, chrome and brushed steel switches to more industrious plates, like the Rust, flat rustic or slate plates. We also have more modern finishes, like the copper switch plates and the grey and coloured plates. 

All our ranges come in a wide selection of switches, toggles, dimmers and 20 and 45 amp switches. We, of course, also have matching sockets and data plates too. 

We also have a selection of grid switches and data grid switches, in case you need a more unusual combination that is currently available from the standard switches.