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White Light Pendants

White Light Pendants

Whether you are looking for an understated central light for your room, or something with a bit more of a wow factor, we have a range of white light pendants available to buy from Socket Store. 

We originally saw white light pendants being introduced, a number of years ago, as an alternative to the more elaborate and ornate brass and gold lights, however in more recent years we have seen this area develop significantly. 

Now there are a variety of options in the white light pendant category. Some are timeless classics, that draw on the clean and crips designs of the Scandi style. Others are more ornate and flamboyant. We are also seeing an increase in colour pairings. 

Polished chrome and white, wood and white, and nickel and white are all firm favourites in the category. In more recent times we have seen a lot more flair, with the new breed of integrated LED lights, built into the design of the white ceiling pendants. The freedom of the integrated LED light gives the designers far more flexibility, rather than the traditional lamp bulb of old.