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White Grid Switch Inserts-W2WAY Made In Britain accreditation and 10 year warranty

White Grid Switch Inserts

Here we have a wide range of MK white grid switch options to use with the G&H Brassware grid plates. 

We have standard 2 way switching options, intermediate, 20amp, with a wide range of engraving options available and many more to choose from. 

Please note, these MK grid switches are only compatible with our G&H Brassware grid plates. These can be found within the available ranges. 

Our G&H Brassware grid plates are available in a number of finishes and styles. Including white, black, copper, brushed steel, chrome and many more finishes to choose from. The grid plates are available in 1-4 gang options. 1 and 2 gang grid plates are on single plates, 3 and 4 gangs are on double plates. 

Make up the perfect switch plate you've been looking for. 




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