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Screwless Raw Copper-Picture

Screwless Raw Copper

This is the Screwless Raw Copper range from Varilight. 

Raw copper works alongside routine cleaning and sanitisation procedures to reduce the spread of infection, making this range ideal for healthcare environments. Germs die rapidly on copper, which keeps working 24/7, in between regular cleans. Our Cu29 Raw Copper range is made from solid copper this effect won’t reduce overtime. Normal tarnishing or wear of raw copper surfaces will not impair the effectiveness of the product. 

Without regular cleaning every product will age individually to create a unique style statement and will complement both vintage and contemporary interiors. To maintain the shiny appearance of Cu29 Raw Copper, regular cleaning is required. An effective cleaning agent for use on raw copper product is citric acid. Apply a small amount to a clean polishing cloth and lightly wipe the affected area.

        Varilight Raw Copper Tarnished  

Please don't forget, you will need a deeper back-box to fit these plates:

Back boxes:

Switches 25mm
Socket & Dimmers 35mm
USB Sockets, Shaver & Cooker Switches 47mm