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Polished Black Sockets and Switches

We have several ranges of polished black sockets and switches to choose from below, including the Classic polished black range from Volex. This is a standard plate with raised edges, perfect for a modern and stylish home. 

Volex have also manufactured a flat polished black range. This is very similar to the classic but is a flat plate. 

We have everything from traditional styles of polished black sockets and switches, a modern twist with the flat black plates or a screwless sockets and switches and also the plastic screwless plates with chrome switches.

There are two options for a screwless design. We have the Crabtree screlwess polished black, which has matching switches. This range offers a smart and sophisticated look to a modern home with minimalistic decor. 

The Varilight screwless range is much different. With a plastic plate and a metal polished chrome rocker switch, Varilight have designed a plate with a great contrast, offering a look with more of an edge. We even have power grid plates and modular plates available in these range, so you can make up the perfect switch plate.  

We also have the lovely Retrotouch's Crystal sockets and switches to choose too. This is a range of glass sockets and switches, with a flawless, elegant look. All the styles come in a complete range of plates including sockets, switches, dimmers, toggles, data points and more.


Please feel free to browse below, or give us a call if you have any questions where one of out team will be on hand to answer any questions.