What is task lighting?

kitchen-lightingUnderstanding how the light in a room needs to work is crucial when planning and designing a new look. It’s essential to think about how the space in question will be used and where specific light sources need to be placed.


Task lighting does exactly what the name suggests – it enables people to carry out certain tasks in that room. In a kitchen, this could include preparing food on the kitchen worktop or table whilst, in a home office, it could be working at a computer or writing reports at your desk.


In the living room, the right lighting can illuminate a wall recess or make sure you can all see the pieces of your favourite board game! And, in the bedroom, task lighting can allow you to read a good book or put your make-up on.


Scandi LightingSocket Store stocks all kinds of ceiling, wall, floor and table lamps to help you see what you’re doing properly as you carry out everyday tasks! We also sell outdoor lighting and specialise in LED bulbs, so take a good look at our website and, if we don’t have what you need, you can take us to ‘task’!


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