What is a grid plate?

What is a Grid PlateA grid plate allows you to create your own switch combinations on one front plate. Our grid plates range from single gang to 12 gang, giving you the flexibility to combine exactly the switches you need in one convenient place.


Grid switch plates are often used in the kitchen and are especially handy for under-cabinet appliances such as fridges and freezers, washing machines and dishwashers. They can be hidden away under the worktop or in a cupboard and labelled accordingly to remind you which switch is which! Remember, though, that the cooker will need its own 45A switch, which must be on view and easy to get to.


Grid plates are also a clever way of creating a switch combination that you can’t buy off the shelf. For example, some suppliers only sell a one-gang intermediate switch, whereas a two-gang intermediate switch can be inserted into a grid plate.

grid-plateSocket Store stocks grid plates in a number of our ranges, including chrome, brushed steel, brass, and graphite. Our grid plates are suitable for use in your home or a commercial property. Just remember to isolate the electricity supply before embarking on any wiring work, such as via the trip switch on the main fuse box.