We’ve got the Winter Blues – and you could too!

I was walking Maisy, the office dog, on the beach last weekend. It was cold, blustery and absolutely fantastic!

It send me wondering, why would this weather make anyone blue (apart from the end of your nose perhaps!). Taking inspiration from the aforementioned frostbitten nose, it was clearly time for another tenuous link! Bring on the blues!

We’ve no shortages of blues in our arsenal of sockets and lights, so we’ve selected a few, perhaps some that are buried in the site that you may not have spotted yet.

Glitter Blue Children’s Touch Dimmer

Glitter Blue Dimmer

Nothing gives you the blues like a screaming child kicking off instead of dozing off into a dreamy night’s sleep, so Varilight came up with this ingenious dimmer. Touch the dimmer to start the dimming process. Over the next 30 minutes to an hour the light gently dims, helping your little one to drift off peacefully. Leaving you to an undisturbed night’s sleep (hopefully!)

Osaka Gloss Blue Clip On Spot Lamp


Blue Desk Lamp

OK, we lied. When we said nothing is more likely to give you the blues more than a screaming little one we meant there is only one thing worse. A moody teenager! But help is at hand. Cheer them up with this gloss blue spotlight. It is perfect to clip onto a shelf and shed some much needed light on the homework books. Surely this will brighten their day, as well as their shadowy bedroom desk!


Duck Egg Blue Sockets and Switches

Blue Sockets and Switches

We’ve taken care of the kids, so it’s time to concentrate on you! There’s plenty of blues to take care of you. We’ve got Reflex blue sockets and switches, which are a similar colour to the nursery dimmer (but not as sparkly), or these Duck Egg Blue sockets and switches. We have a full range to choose from so you don’t have to restrict yourself to the switches. You can do the whole room out in matching plates.

Blue Mosaic Table Lamp

Blue Table Lamp

Moving to the snug or lounge, this Mosaic two light table light is sure to take the edge of those winter evening blues. It has a light at the top of the lamp, as usual, but it also has a bulb within the base of the lamp that casts off a shimmering light to brighten your room.

Pompom Polka Dot Blue Table Lamp

Polkadot Table Lmap

It’s an itsy bitsy teeny weeny Polka Dot…table lamp. Love the 60s pop reference? Or perhaps the 90s if you’re a Timmy Mallet fan! This is a fun table lamp, and takes us nicely in a full circle back to the beach. We think it’s got that beach hut look, bright and breezy. If you’re lucky enough to live by the sea this is a must, surely?

We’re all wrapped up (excuse the final pun!) with our blue themed post. Joking apart we hope you’re not feeling the winter blues, and we hope you’re looking forward to the festivities of the coming weeks!