Sockets for the Industrial Revolution

If you’ve seen a home improvement or interior design blog or magazine, or follow the latest trends on Pinterest, you’re sure to know that the industrial look is the look at the moment.

We have to say we adore the industrial look – so much so that we redecorated our showroom to match! We felt, however, that one thing was missing in the style; sockets and switches (well, we would think that, wouldn’t we?). Of course, we have copper plates and you could always go for commercial sockets and switches, but wanted something a little bit different.

Black Bronze Sockets and Switches – Perfect for the Industrial Look

We are very lucky to work closely with one of the leading brands in decorative sockets and switches and, when they heard what we had planned, they were with us all the way. We worked together to find the right finish, the one we felt fitted the industrial look completely.

black bronze switch

A Full Range of Sockets and Switches

One of the things that frustrated us about the commercial ranges is that they usually only have a couple of sockets and switches to choose from within the range (a socket, a couple of switches, maybe a fused spur). We felt that really limited their use in a home.

Black BronzeIt’s really important to us that you can match the whole room (or warehouse conversion!) with the same matching sockets and switches, so we’ve made sure each range comes as a complete selection of sockets, switches, dimmers, spurs, cooker switches, data plates and much more.

We are sure we’ve got it all covered, but just in case we’ve missed anything we have included Euro data plates, so you can always make up your own combination with euro modules if we haven’t got the perfect combination for you.

Three Ranges of Plates

Together with our supplier we have produced three ranges of black bronze sockets and switches. he idea is to cover a range of budgets and styles without compromising on the look.


We have gone for a slim black bronze range, for those with flat walls. They sit flat on the wall and have a minimalism look. They are a little more forgiving than a normal flat plate but they still offer something a little less intrusive than a standard switch plate.


For those who don’t have the benefit of a plasterer at hand to finish a smooth wall we have also added a Trimline range of black bronze sockets and switches. These are based on our Victorian switch plate – our most popular plate style – so it was an obvious choice for us to make. Not only that but because they are deeper than the slim plates they are a lot more forgiving when fitted to a wall with character (yes, we mean wonky!). They fit in a standard back box so you shouldn’t have any more work to do before fitting.

black bronze switch

Finally we have a range of cast black bronze sockets and switches. There are the the most versatile range we have with a black bronze finish and certainly offer the complete look, so are worth the extra premium. They are cast brass plates, finished in a black bronze finish. Because of the process of casting the plates (instead of a standard pressed plate) the finish has that off-perfect feel, especially around the switch, but that fits all the better with the whole industrial look!

Pattress Boxes

We had one piece of unfinished business with the industrial look. If you are lucky enough to be doing an industrial conversion or warehouse conversion and have the joy of an exposed brick wall, it is likely to have one extra issue to deal with. It is unlikely that you can chase the wall out to fit the sockets into a standard embedded back box.


That’s why we wanted to finish the look with some black bronze pattress boxes. They are available as single or double pattress boxes and are 32mm deep, giving you plenty of room for the cables. These pattress boxes should enable you to fit any of the sockets and switches in the Trimline or Slim ranges. They are not specifically designed for the cast plates, so we wouldn’t recommend them for this range.


So there we have it, the industrial look is finally complete with our fantastic black bronze sockets and switches, but don’t forget if you are still looking for the lighting to go with these fantastic plates we have that covered too. Why not check out a few of our favourites below, or browse our lighting section for your perfect light.

Some Industrial Lighting Inspiration


A rustic iron floor lamp


A beautiful polished copper table lamp


Of course no industrial look would be complete without the vintage LED light bulb!