Sensio Stock Clearance – 20% Off All Stock!

We are in the process of clearing our entire Sensio range of kitchen and bedroom lighting to make way for new stock, so we’ve cut the prices of all Sensio stock.

Kitchen Lighting

We have broken the kitchen lighting into three sections; under cabinet lighting, plinth lighting and flexible strip light.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Within the under-cabinet lighting there are three types of lights available. Under cabinet spotlights, under cabinet strip lights and under cabinet pads. It’s an individual choice as to which you prefer. The pads and spots tend to give a more concentrated light beam, while the strips give a more even spread of light underneath your cabinet.

Plinth Lighting

We have a selection of plinth lighting. They are various types of spotlight that fit into the plinth (kickboard). We have a selection of warm white and cool white to choose from, depending on the style of your kitchen.

Flexible Strip Lighting

The flexible strip lighting isn’t just physically flexible (although you can bend and twist it), it’s also flexible in terms of where it can be used. Often used as either under cabinet lighting or plinth lighting, but can also be used as mood lighting around cornice, task lighting to light up a staircase or any other situation where a long, thin piece of light would add some mood or task lighting to the situation.

Bedroom Lighting

We’ll be honest, we’ve not got a lot of this left, but we do have a wardrobe light and a couple of reading lights available, so get in there quick. They are great products, and at a knock-down price!

Once It’s Gone, It’s Gone!

While we still have plenty of stock available at the moment, we won’t be replenishing what is there, so get in there while you can!

We are, of course, still at hand to answer any queries with the stock, so please feel free to give us a ring if you have any burning questions!