Quick Tip: Can an intermediate switch be used for a 1 way switch?

Short Answer: Yes!

Slightly Longer Answer: You can use an intermediate switch (or a two way switch) for a one way switch, however due to the complexity of making them intermediate switches are often a lot more expensive than one way or two way light switches, so it doesn’t usually make sense to use an intermediate switch when you need a one way switch.

Can you use a two way switch for one way switching?

Short Answer: Yes!
Slightly Longer Answer: Two way light switches are often used for one way switching. In fact in our store we don’t even sell one way light switches. The cost difference between the two types are negligible, so it doesn’t make sense to stock both.

You can learn more about the various switches, and when you really need intermediate switches on our Intermediate Switches infographic, or our ‘What is an intermediate switch‘ blog post.

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