National Pet Month…We’re In!

If you’ve ever been to our showroom, just outside Cardiff, or you follow our feeds on Social Media you will probably know that we are a team of pet lovers at Socket Store.

So much so that we can’t bear to be without them! Maisy and Maddie are regular office dogs, but why do we have them in the office? It’s national pet month during April, so we thought it was the perfect opportunity for you to meet our canine friends and to learn a bit more about how we ended up with them, and why we think they are such an important part of the team.


Office Dogs – A Brief History


First Came Maisy

We were lucky enough to get the opportunity to take on Maisy from the incredible team at Friends of the Animals Wales.

She’s now at home with our MD, Phil, and his family through the evening but due to her history (she had a horrible start in life) she likes to be around the ones she loves as often as she can, so she insisted on becoming our office dog too.

Along came Maddie

While Maisy was happy with all the attention the humans gave her, she loves nothing better than some quality dog-time with some of her canine friends.

When Sian, our Customer Service Manager, saw another pup needed a good home we knew the office dog family was complete.

Who Benefits?


The Team

There is some fairly clear evidence that having a dog at work can help the team reduce their stress levels and make it a little nicer work environment, but we can tell you that our anecdotal evidence is that pets at work definitely help!

While we try to make things as stress-free at work there are occasions when things get a little hectic, and nothing soothes the souls quite like petting a pet. A quick time-out with one of the dog team is sure to bring the blood pressure down and prepare you for the next challenge that rears its head.In a Meeting

The Extended Team

While we are very proud of our team at Socket Store, we also have an extended team that frequent the office, and we’ve been pleased to see what a great impact the dogs have had on that team too.

We have daily deliveries from Royal Mail (ie the postie!) as well as several deliveries from other couriers. They love to pop in and give the dogs a pat and a stroke before moving on to their next job. We also have regular visits from our great team of suppliers. We couldn’t do it without these guys, and a regular meeting is never complete without a dog in attendance.

The Customers

As an online retailer, most of our orders are processed online, so we don’t get to see many customers.

We have had a great response to the dogs from those that do pop in to browse the lighting showroom or to check out some samples of the sockets and switches. So much so that our customers have even been known to come back in with their kids or grandchildren to meet the dog team!

Office dogsYou, Our Customer

We are always trying to make the experience to you, our customer, as good as possible.

While the benefits of having an office dog may not be direct to you, rest assured they play their part. We are firm believers that a happy workforce provides a better customer experience, and that really matters to us. We’re sure it matters to you too!

If you are around our neighbourhood and want to meet Maddie and Maisy please pop in to say hello. They are sure to give you a very warm welcome!