Lights Out, Sleep Tight!

This post is all about that much needed but often elusive sleep.

Anyone who’s laid awake at night stressing over exams, been kept awake by a newborn baby or cannot switch off from a busy, stressful day at work knows the pain of trying to survive on little or no sleep. It can be excruciatingly hard work to carry on regardless.

To highlight the plight of the sleep-deprived the Sleep Council have put together some hints and tips to help you get a better night’s sleep this month and every month.


We have our suggestions, so here are the Socket Store’s official guide to getting some decent shut-eye.


1. First off, get yourself in the mood (no, not like that!). Chill out, wind down from the day frantic activities. If you have anything that’s playing on your mind write it down. Taking a notebook to bed can help. If something wakes you up stressing you, write it down. The chances are you can’t do anything about it at 2 o’clock in the morning but writing it down may put your mind at ease that you aren’t going to forget it in the morning.


2. Make your room as dark as possible when you’re going to sleep, but also try dimming the lights down as it gets towards bedtime. There are bulbs available that dim from cool white to warm white, giving you a more relaxing and soothing light in the late evening. Try out these Megaman dimmable LED bulbs as an example.


3. Keep cool! Keeping at the optimum temperature can really help at night, but did you know you actually ‘sleep warm’ or ‘sleep cold’. Knowing what kind of sleeper you are can really help. If you sleep warm (you radiate heat once you’re alseep) think about moving down a tog size on your duvet. It may help you sleep through the night. If you sleep cool you can layer up to make sure you stay snug through the night.


4. Keep your space! While you can’t beat a cuddle at night (or a cwtch if you’re Welsh) it won’t help sleeping tucked up next to a burning furnace, if your ‘other half’ is one who ‘sleeps warm’. We’d recommend the biggest bed that’s practical for your room, then spread out and enjoy your own space.


5. No late night Minecraft. We know you think it helps you unwind, but there’s enough research to prove the blue light in tablet and mobile screens affects your sleep, so put the technology down and step away from the charger! It will wait until tomorrow.


Make a nest6. Tuck up with a good book. With World Book Day done for another year it’s worth remembering it’s good for adults to read too. Whether it’s a good old paperback or a kindle (they don’t affect your sleep like other screens) getting into a good page-turner will seriously help you unwind from the trials and tribulations of the day.


7. Make a nest (not literally!). Making sure your bedroom is inviting and cosy can help you unwind and chill out. Ditch the clutter, have your favourite family holiday photo on your bedside table, and of course some soft bedroom lighting will help you love your nest.


8. Ditch the booze. Alcohol affects your sleep pattern, so if you are struggling try to get some rest-bite for your liver and your body with a few (or more) dry days in the week. Don’t forget it’s not just about the number of hours’ sleep, it’s also the quality that counts.


9. Get some help! If you are really struggling with serious sleep deprivation go and see your doctor. It’s not just a case of you wandering about like a bear with a sore head, it can seriously affect your health, so if you aren’t sleeping properly go and see your GP.


We hope you don’t struggle with a lack of sleep, but if you do we hope something in our list will help you, but don’t forget there’s some more great advice available at the Sleep Council’s website.


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