Flat Rose Gold Sockets and Switches Now Available

Flat Rose GoldSome time ago we worked with our suppliers, G&H Brassware, to put together a full range of rose gold sockets and switches.

We felt this stylish and unique plate would be the perfect addition to a modern home, or perhaps an industrial styled interior.

It proved to be so popular that we and G&H went back to the drawing board to see how we could expand the range, and so the flat plate version was born.


Where to Use Flat Sockets and Switches

These are a great looking plate. Made from solid copper with a brushed rose gold finish. They are perfectly suited to certain homes, and definitely one to avoid for other. We’ve outlined a few suggestions and considerations below.


The Perfect Combination

These are ideally suited to flush surfaces – there’s no place for wonky walls with these plates! They are flat with straight edges giving off a lovely symmetry. The downside is they also accentuate any uneven surfaces.


Things to bear in mind

There are also a few other considerations for flat plate sockets and switches.

Freshly Plastered Walls

The first, and most important thing, to consider is these are not suitable for freshly plastered walls. By this we mean a wall that has been plastered in the last 6 months. It may surprise you to learn that walls, while appearing to be dry, can take up to six months to fully dry out after being plastered. As these plates are made from solid copper any damp in the walls can leave the plates tarnished. Please don’t fit them, even if you think the wall is dry. It will void the warranty, and we won’t be able to give a refund for any plates damaged this way. Leave it for six months, and you’ll be ready to go!

Deeper Back Boxes

As these plates are flat, the electrical components on the back of the plates sit further back. This means they need extra room in the back box (the metal or plastic box buried in the wall). We would suggest the following depths of back-box are used:

Switches 25mm
Socket & Dimmers 35mm
Shaver & Cooker Switches 47mm

If you need to replace them, fear not, we have a plentiful supply of Appleby back boxes to choose from, so feel free to browse our full range.

How the Back Box Sits in the Wall

Another consideration to make is when fitting the back boxes. Plastic back boxes, used for stud wall partitions, are usually fitted with the lip sitting on top of the plaster. This is not a problem on a normal socket or switch, however when fitting a flat-plate it can sometimes cause the plate so ‘float’ slightly off the wall. To rectify this, we would suggest ensuring the front of the back box is sitting flush with the plaster, not sitting on top of it.

Don’t Fall Out with Your Electrician

While electricians are a usually a friendly bunch they don’t always like surprises! Please give them ample warning if you plan to fit flat plate sockets and switches. It gives them time to ensure they have the right sized back boxes, the boxes are flush to the wall and they are generally ready to fit the plates when they arrive.



If any of the issues above mean you can’t fit the flat plate rose gold sockets, fear not, we have alternatives!

We have the Contour rose gold sockets, these are a more traditional raised plate, so don’t need extra back box space. We also have the Antique Copper range, if you can’t fit the rose gold plates due to freshly plastered walls. The Antique Copper can go onto any wall, freshly plastered, even wonky walls will be fine!


Finish the Look

Once you’re done with the lovely rose gold sockets, why not move onto the lighting too?!

We have a wide range of copper lights that will perfectly suit the rose gold sockets. Some are polished copper, but there are a number of brushed copper lights to choose from too.

Copper Ceiling LightThis one is the Rawley brushed copper ceiling light, but we also have table lights and wall lights in a copper finish too.


Don’t Forget

We are always on hand to help if you need advice when buying. Feel free to pick up the phone and call our team on 02920 004 887. We are a friendly bunch, and happy to help wherever we can.