Children’s lighting

We’ve got the Winter Blues – and you could too!

Polkadot Table Lmap

I was walking Maisy, the office dog, on the beach last weekend. It was cold, blustery and absolutely fantastic! It send me wondering, why would this weather make anyone blue (apart from the end of your nose perhaps!). Taking inspiration from the aforementioned frostbitten nose, it was clearly time ... Continue reading →

Practical lighting for rooms with a view!


Installing the wrong lighting in your home can dampen the atmosphere and ruin your eyesight! So our expert team has put together this handy guide showing you how to light up each corner of the house:   Making an entrance Ideally, hallways should be well lit to help you find your keys and open ... Continue reading →

Our LED torches won’t leave you in the dark!


If you’re holidaying under canvas this summer, there’s a small yet essential item you don’t want to leave home without. You might have the tent and your sleeping bag at the ready, but our selection of LED torches is guaranteed to make camping easier in a ‘flash’! Torch technology has devel... Continue reading →

Click and Collect makes life easier for customers


Ever keen to simplify shopping for our customers, Socket Store has a couple of new features that you might want to know about! Following a site upgrade, we now offer a next day delivery upgrade on selected items. At the moment, these include our Contour Brushed Steel plates and the Victorian Antique... Continue reading →