Bring on the Hols! Let’s Get in the Garden!

Outdoor LightsIt’s the moment teachers have been gasping for, and parents have been dreading for months. It’s the summer holidays! Yay! / Boo! (Delete as appropriate to you!).

Whether it’s your favourite time to take some time-out from the daily grind, or whether that grind has just begun with the first echoes of ‘I’m bored!’, we’re here to provide you with some summer lighting inspiration.

The Socket Store team are all fans of outdoor chilling, some potter on the patio, others gather in the garden, most booze at the barbie! It’s always great to extend those summer evenings and needless to say we think some outdoor lighting plays its part in dragging out those last morsels of fun in the evening twilight.

Outdoor Lights – The Options

There are plenty to choose from when it comes to outdoor lighting. Just like indoor lights, it is important to bear in mind what you want from your lights. Is it ambience, is it bright task light you need? Don’t worry, we’ve got them covered either way.

Ambient Outdoor Lights

To kick things off we have taken a selection of lights that will provide some practical light, but all offer a little something special to the ambience of your outdoor space.

Oh We Do Like to Be Beside The Seaside

For those that follow our blog with baited breath (or more likely happen to have seen it previously) we’ve said before how the seaside inspires us so we’ve taken one of our seaside favourites and placed it firmly at the top of our list.

This Admiral wall light is as traditional a lamp as you can get for an outdoor bulkhead lamp, it looks like it’s been plucked straight out of a fisherman’s loft. It is a traditional looking wall light, made of solid brass and finished in brass. You can use this indoors or outdoors, as it is IP64 rated. We also has a matching hanging ceiling pendant and a wall light available in the same style and finish.

Bring the Modern into Your Garden

Cream outdoor wall light

If you want to go for a lighter look, perhaps something a little more modern, we are big fans of the cream Notary wall light from DAR Lighting. It has a box design with glass walls. It would suit a modern patio or porch. With three glass walls it will also cast plenty of light on your outdoor space.

Back to Black

Black outdoor wall light

For those who prefer the days of Sherlock Holmes, we have a lamp styled more of a Victorian or Edwardian style. This Norfolk black wall light is perfectly suited to offering some light at the front of your house, whether it is in your porch or on the front wall of your house. It can also be used in a garden or on a patio, especially in a period property where you want to carry on period features through to your outdoor space.

Practical Lights

When it comes to practical lighting there are plenty of options out there, we’ve picked a couple that we particularly rate as good options for different reasons.

Driveways and Paths

Driveway spotlights

You may feel that wall lights and solar lights are the only way forward with outdoor lighting, but in fact it can start much earlier than that, right at the garden gates. These recessed spotlights give off a powerful warm white light that illuminates your drive or path, offering a safe passage to visitors and family alike. They are buried into the drive or path and are strong enough to be driven over or walked on.

From Pillar to Post

Practical light can come in various ways and styles, but pedestals, pillars and posts are still some of the most popular options. These posts are normally set into two types, short ones and tall ones.

The shorter posts can be placed on a short wall, or left at floor level. As a rough guide, they will stand between knee and hip height if fitted to the floor. This one is the Bamboo light from Philips Lighting.

Outdoor Post

The taller posts can come in the form of anything from a mid-height light post, like one of our favourites, the Riverbank LED post.

Riverside Philips myGarden Light

To a full height traditional lamp post, like the Philips myGarden Creek.

Traditional Lamp Post

Light Up Your Garden Table

This one is a more recent addition, but we are huge fans. Why not put the light where you really need it? It’s now possible with the Acre stainless steel table light. Perfectly placed in the centre of a table to lighten up those evening barbecues or late-night drinks!

Outdoor Table Light

Make the Most of It!

While we continue to sell outdoor lighting throughout the year, summer is where it really comes into its own for ambience lighting, so make the most of those long summer evenings now, before you know it the kids will be back at school and those long light evenings will be a distant, but hopefully happy and bright, memory!