Bonfire Night Inspiration

As predictable as that sickly feeling after your fifth toffee apple, we have used bonfire night as yet another excuse to show off a few of our fantastic lights and sockets.

With more tenuous links than Claudia Winkleman on Strictly…of course – you’d expect nothing less from us by now!

I’ve never actually seen any fireworks. I followed the instructions – light blue touchpaper and retire – I lit it and went to bed, so I’ve had to use my imagination with this one…

An Explosion of Colour


Let’s start this party with a bang, with this Souk chandelier. If you manage to see a firework with more colours than this chandelier we’ll be surprised and you’ll have some very happy kids!

A Ball of Copper Glow


No firework night is complete without an exploding ball of light, and that’s exactly what you get with this stunning Rawley ceiling light (not literally exploding of course, that would be dangerous!)

Sparkles of light


This range of gloss granite sockets and switches has more shimmer than a sparkler on bonfire night. Sure enough to light up even the dullest room in the house.

The Glow of a Lantern


This pretty little table lamp reminds us of Chinese lanterns being cast into the crisp autumn night, and it’s a lot better for the wildlife too!

Fizzle of light


We think this Gazetta floor lamp looks like the crackling sparks of a bonfire spitting into the evening darkness. It’s a real (fire)cracker!

Reflective Glory

Akira table lamp

This intricate delicate bronze table lamp will continue to give you showers of light long after the last bonfire flames have been extinguished and the last firework has fizzled and popped into the sky above.

Shine a Light!

Outdoor post light

Let’s talk more practically, why not make life a little easier for you and a whole lot safer for the kids holding their sparklers? With this outdoor post light you’ll be able to see what you’re doing without spoiling the fun around bonfire night.

There we have it, we’ve exhausted our tenuous links from bonfire night to our lights and sockets. We’re off to check under the bonfire for hedgehogs before the big night properly kicks off.

We hope your bonfire night goes off with a bang. Don’t forget to stay safe and have a fantastic night – it looks like the weather will be good to us for once!