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How light bulbs work

led bulb

How It Works Series Tungsten Incandescent Often termed the “Normal” bulb, now being phased-out due to its’ high energy requirements. By far the simplest of all bulbs, it passes an electric current through a tungsten filament (thin wire), the resistance of the wire causes it to heat up to the p... Continue reading →

Quick Tip: Can an intermediate switch be used for a 1 way switch?

Short Answer: Yes! Slightly Longer Answer: You can use an intermediate switch (or a two way switch) for a one way switch, however due to the complexity of making them intermediate switches are often a lot more expensive than one way or two way light switches, so it doesn’t usually make sense ... Continue reading →

Infographic: Energy: Then and Now

We’ve created a new infographic looking at the energy consumption in the UK now and in the 1970s. We think it makes for some pretty interesting read! If you like our infographic we’d love you to share it! Feel free to share or embed it if you want: Click below to copy the image html to ... Continue reading →

Infographic: Intermediate Switch

Which Switch is What Switch? It’s one of our most popular/ frequently asked questions, so we thought we’d do an infographic (graphical representation) of our answer. We hope it helps! If you like it feel free to share it – the sharing code is at the bottom of the page…(it is ... Continue reading →